Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR is based on the following:


Economic sustainability

We supply the full spectrum of rubber and rubber-related products, both natural and synthetic rubber.

Our integrated offer, through our agents and suppliers, reaches the entire value chain:

Our main partner controls the largest rubber plantation in the world where, in addition, technology has been invested to generate maximum performance – which allows for greater production without the need for more land.

By controlling the production of trees, the highest quality and complete traceability of our raw material is guaranteed.

Rubber is going from being a commodity to being an industrial product and our main partner is assuming the leadership role in adopting this change.

The future of the industry requires the highest quality of personalized products, produced with complete traceability and in a sustainable and responsible manner.

The control of the complete supply chain, from the rubber tree to processing, combined with a global distribution network allows us to offer such traceability, which, in turn, gives Inpol the competitive advantage to ensure economic sustainability.



We are concerned about the emissions of polluting gases, as well as the potential risks of climate change where our collaborators and their communities operate.

The factory operations of our represented companies currently use electricity and a variety of other energy sources, such as diesel and natural gas. They are actively taking steps to better manage their energy use and to minimize their greenhouse emissions. They are also exploring the use of clean and renewable energy to decarbonize their energy portfolio and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

The discharge water is tested in all factories to ensure that the quality of the wastewater is well above the legal compliance limits. In the same way, air emissions from their facilities are also subject to compliance tests on a regular basis.

The initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle waste are a standard operating practice in our plants. The production machinery is regularly serviced on site to prolong the operational life. Scrap metals, wood and plastics are recycled. Skimmed latex is also reused.


Responsible Supply Chain

Our objective is to distribute products which are both enviromentally and socially responsible. These values form the core of the promise which we offer our clients.

We evaluate not only our final products but also the entire supply chain that culminates in production. This framework governs the operations at the plantation level of our main partner, generating high yields and ensuring the highest quality raw material, whilst operating in a socially and environmentally sustianable manner. We will produce 100% traceable rubber, responsibly.

As we depend to a large extent on biological resources, our representatives play an active role in the protection and conservation of areas rich in biodiversity. Among other measures, a strict zero-burn policy has been applied in the plantation areas, complying with all relevant local laws and codes, making all reasonable efforts to protect and preserve areas of high conservation value (HCV) and biodiverstiy concentration.

We collaborate with producers who carry out sustainable agricultural practices, such as zero deforestation of the primary forest and obtaining free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) of the affected stakeholders. We encourage our suppliers to maintain the same sustainability standards.

At Inpol, we continue to ensure a responsible supply chain, placing it as on of our long-term priorities. We are committed to a sustainable commercial practice for such a crucial raw material, that the world can simply not do without.