We act as commercial intermediaries between the producers in origin and the final client, helping to reach agreements between the buyer and seller

We are exclusive agents for the sale of Natural Rubber and Latex in Latin America and Spain for Corrie MacColl Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, China) .

Corrie MacColl Asia INPOL is the exclusive agent for the sale of Natural Rubber and Latex in Latin America and Spain for Corrie MacColl Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, China).
Corrie MacColl, EST.1780 belongs to Halcyon Agri, the world’s largest rubber franchise, with an annual production of 1,6 million tons through their 38 production plants which are located in six different countries.

Corrie MacColl Represents change for the natural rubber industry having the resources to revolutionize the way rubber is grown, processed and distributed.

Their business model, economically sustainable, is materialized through effort to ensure product quality and sustainability of the supply chain, while operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Logistics assets, including specific storage and storage tanks for latex and laboratory services allow us to offer on-time delivery of ready-to-use products and thus add value to our brokerage segment.

We work with their office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, within the production centre for rubber and natural latex, which guarantees a constant proximity to the supplier.

The commitment to provide a reliable global supply, adequate storage, efficient distribution and technical support are highlights of the LATEXPRO brand.

LATEXPRO is governed by three fundamental principles:


Quality Guarantee (Quality Assurance)

International Standards and Certification

  • The products comply with international standards ISO 2004 or ASTM D1076.
  • Factories are monitored with periodic audits.

Customized products

  • Team collaboration with Latex producers to produce personalized product.


  • Colloidal tests carried out during the loading and unloading stages.
  • independent tests are performed in laboratories of accredited third parties.


Certified Management

  • An experienced management team led by industry experts. Our strengths are supported by our long-term relationships with our customer, producers and distribution partners.


Global Network

  • The strength of our global network and strategic locations of our facilities offer peace of mind to our customers.