About Inpol

Trajectory and Activity

The company “International de Polimeros-Inpol S.A.” was established in Alicante, Spain in 1996, It´s registered office is in the city of Alicante. The company is owned by individuals and legal entities

Our main activity is the global distribution and brokerage of rubbers and latex, both natural and synthetic in order to create value for our clients, suppliers and partners through:

A selection of innovative materials and procedures

Our experienced management team

We have partners and collaborators in the majority of the major natural rubber producing regions in the world, which allows us to audit producers on a regular basis and develop, together with customers and suppliers, customized products, thus ensuring alliances long-term.

"Inpol is recognized as a trusted partner by all parties involved in the business of the Distribution and Intermediation of Rubber and Latex"

To date, we have acquired memberships in various rubber associations around the world. Our ambition is to participate in upstream and downstream activities in the rubber and latex industry

Our company is currently a full member of the Rubber Trade Association of Europe (RTAE), whose headquarters are based in London, and is the successor to the former Rubber Trade Association of London which was founded in 1913, and the Association of International Rubber Trade (AIRT)


In Inpol we are committed to;
  • Promoting the best interests of the rubber industry as a whole.

  • Maintaining and developing a commercial environment based on the best commercial practices.

  • Providing a complete and reliable marketing service for both producers and consumers alike.

As full members of the RTAE we are recognized as highly professional traders, with a high level of principles, extensive experience with an extensive network of contacts throughout the whole industry.


Our three principal objectives are to;
  • Offer a comprehensive, professional and up to date marketing service to the international rubber and latex industry.

  • Encourage an environment in which both producers and customers can operate with a common benefit.

  • Guarantee the integrity of the brokerage contracts in which we act.

In line with the above objectives our key activities include;

  • Daily publication of the official prices of the main rubber grades.

  • Cooperating with other organizations related to the industry, institutions and intergovernmental organizations.

Advantages of working with Inpol

We offer the following advantages, both for our clients and for the producers

For the clients

We offer accurate sales prices, contracts that are always respected - no matter how much the market may increase in price after the agreed purchase - and meticulous attention to quality specifications and delivery dates.

For the producers

A fair price, a payment they can reply on - no matter how the market price falls after the agreed sale - and exposure to wide range of markets.

In Inpol we pride ourselves on providing a genuinely useful approach for both the producer and the end consumer. Both of whom can rely on a comprehensive and practical response in case of problems or unforeseen events.

Our headquarters are located in Alicante, Spain and we have the support of a network of logistical assets, storage, laboratories and representations in South East Asia, China, Latin America and Europe.